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Committee Descriptions – Jackson Young Lawyers

Committee Descriptions


The Athletic Committee coordinates the Legal Beagle 5K Race in March and is exploring the possibility of hosting a cornhole¬†tournament in the fall. These two events are JYL’s primary charitable fundraisers with all of the proceeds from the events going to local charities, and innovation is an important part of the committee’s charge.

City Court Mediation

Members of the JYL City Court Mediation Committee attend and conduct mediations at the Jackson Municipal Courthouse on a rotating basis. All volunteers are welcome; no special training or certification is required. This committee provides practical alternative dispute resolution experience and civic lessons for lawyers who may not otherwise see much of Municipal Court.

Community Service

The Community Service Committee works to benefit those in need in our community. Volunteers spend time with such organizations as Stewpot (serving meals, volunteering at legal clinic, painting houses in Bratton St. project),Operation Shoestring, Gateway Rescue Mission (painting and working on facility improvements, sorting donated clothing), Gleaners (picking up, delivering, and sorting food), and others. The committee is encouraged to initiate as many service projects as time and volunteers will support. Thanks to motivated committee chairs and members, JYL service projects have made an impact on the organizations they support and have occasionally evolved into impromptu social events for the participants.


The diversity committee is charged with advancing the diversity goals of the Jackson Young Lawyers. JYL’s principal diversity goal is to grow into an organization that is truly representative of the diversity of the law practice in the Jackson metropolitan area. To achieve this goal, the diversity committee is responsible for increasing the participation of minority, public service and plaintiff attorneys in JYL activities. JYL is and should remain a relevant organization for ALL young lawyers in Greater Jackson, and the Diversity Committee is focused on achieving that end. This is a committee in which creative thinkers and well-connected young lawyers can make a difference.

Communications and Membership Services

The membership committee is in charge of recruiting new members, mainly at the two bar admissions ceremonies in the Fall and Spring. The committee is also responsible for making sure the Bar has the appropriate flyer/brochure to send out with the packets and attending the ceremonies.


The Newsletter Committee is responsible for keeping members informed about JYL activities, functions, and service through the quarterly newsletter. Volunteers write and edit articles about meetings, guests, and events, in addition to conducting interviews with members of the Bench and Bar. Photographs and information about JYL activities are always welcome. Please see our most recent newsletters here.

Outreach Projects

The Outreach Projects Committee administers JYL’s Community Outreach Grant and LSAT Scholarship Programs.

Pro Bono

The pro bono committee of JYL seeks to promote and encourage pro bono involvement among young lawyers. The committee provides members of JYL information regarding pro bono opportunities from organizations and agencies providing legal counsel and representation to the poor and underserved. The committee also seeks to educate JYL members about the personal and professional importance of providing legal representation to those otherwise unable to afford an attorney. The committee hopes to continue to work with the Mississippi Volunteer Lawyers Project and the Mississippi Center for Legal Services Corporation throughout the coming year to establish a legal clinic staffed by JYL members who provide legal assistance with guardianships, emancipations and/or birth certificate correction issues. This year’s chair may decide to shift the committee’s focus to providing a slate of JYL volunteers for the MVLP’s Legal Lines project. Young lawyers with less control over their own schedules often find it easier to do pro bono work in predictable blocks of time and the Legal Lines project is a good way to do that.


The Social Committee plans and organizes JYL’s social events throughout the year.


The Speakers/CLE Committee recruits the speakers for our membership meetings and annual CLE meeting.